The Name

The Brewery Name

You know, it’s funny, the story about how we came up with the name "Schooner Street Brewery"...  we started home brewing small batch beer in the garage on Schooner.  The operation kept growing, and our equipment kept getting larger and we thought that we may make a go at our hobby as we really enjoyed the brewing process every Sunday.  The name of our brewery came after many rather lengthy ‘meetings’ where we were all settled in on the name with some help from our great neighbours John, Bruce and Mike.  We had often referred to the garage brewery as Schooner Street Brewery however, one day we kind of chucked… you see, the name of our street is actuallySchooner Crescent’.  I don’t even think there is a Schooner Street in Waterloo, Ontario but, we’re going to fix that in the future out at the farm.

Today, we're glad we picked the name.  It suits us, and sounds awesome and represents where we started.