Sun. Spring. Spread.

This was the view at The Schnarr Family farm in Waterloo, ON last week on my walk.  It's only March and the days are getting warmer, the ground is greener.  The sun is warm on my face.

Last year, in 2020, Jody planted rows of hops and honey crisp apple trees.  He put in a full irrigation system to water the crop and installed full support trellis to support the growth. Amazing things will grow here and power locally made craft beer.

What was surreal, standing and looking at this, was thinking about the future. 

In a pandemic, it's impossible to know when we will all come together again, to enjoy live music, hugs, meeting new faces, having great conversations and a gut laugh together.  Giving a high five....  There are so many things we miss about being social and having a beer together.  I couldn't help but to think about a day when we would all be able to do this and get back to some kind of normal... and as the sun was on my face, it made me happy... to think that by the time we are picking hops this year, we may be a little more normal and possibly seeing you at the brewery with us enjoying a fresh craft Schooner Street brew.  Cheers!